Friday, April 24, 2009

carly marie....

Carly Marie is a wonderful woman from Australia. I came across her blog a little bit after I stared mine. I was just looking through people with the same interests as me and bam, I got hooked on her blog. She truly is amazing. She lost her baby boy about two years ago and reading everything she's been through helped me to try to get through the pain of losing Mila. She started a memorial page for anyone who has lost a child and she writes their names in the sand at a beach by her house. She named it Christian's Sea Shore after her son. And its so beautiful. She wrote Mila's name yesterday. It came out great. I absolutely love it. Thank you Carly. It's the best gift anyone could have given me.

That's where you can find Mila's post on her blog.

Here's a link to her blog

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