Monday, September 28, 2009

and he's gonna be such a mama's boy....

It's a boy! Joe and I are ecstatic! We feel so happy to have been blessed with such a beautiful babygirl and now a babyboy. I can not wait to meet this little sweet heart. The ultrasound went great. Everything looked as healthy as can be. He was head down so I pretty much had to be tilted way back to get the baby to move. He weighs about 8 ounces now and his tiny heart was beating at 171 I believe. He was waving his tiny hands around the screen and sucking his thumb. My heart melted. When we were told it was a boy I let out joyful tears. I couldn't help it. I did the same with Mila. There's something about finding out what your baby is that gets the best of me. It feels that much more real. I don't think I'd ever be able to wait for a delivery surprise but give credit to those that do. This lil guy has been moving so much more since we found out. I love feeling him. He's been so active. It's such a nerve calmer.

Saturday Joe and I made our way to the cemetary. It was a cloudy day but as soon as we drove into the cemetary, the clouds up above us seemed to separate to let the most beautiful sun ray in. Almost as though it was leading our path. We first went to visit Pat for his birthday. We got to see his family so that was real nice. We chatted for a while then went to see Mila. We sat down cleaned it up a bit and placed 4 flowers near her. One for each of us. It felt so good sitting there just talking. My whole little family! We could have sat there forever, but the cemetary was closing and well we pretty much got kicked out by some creepy man. I thought it was a rude but we kind of got a laugh out of it.

5 months left to go..... here's hoping that it flys by.

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  1. Oh hun, congrats on your little man! I am so excited for you, and I'm glad that he's a healthy little bouncer!