Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 31....

Gestational Diabetes! booooo to that. I barely failed the 3 hr Glucose tolerance test. I am now testing my blood 4 times a day for the next 3 weeks to monitor my blood sugar. Fun. So far it's been pretty normal. It could be that I cut back on all the sweets that my sweet tooth was craving. Hard Candy, my greatest weakness. We'll see how that goes. I meet with a dietitian on Wednesday. It's not like I was over indulging or anything. In fact I've only gained 13 pounds in this pregnancy. Doctor G keeps telling me to put on that weight and I'm trying! I really am. But now I'm paranoid about what to eat. So therefore, meeting with the dietitian. I have 4-6 weeks left. The longest 4-6 weeks in my life. Baby Joey is doing great. His heart beat was at 150 when we heard it last Tuesday. My belly was measuring right on target meaning he most likely is too. I have a growth ultrasound coming soon so I can't wait to see him up on that monitor again. I feel him getting bigger and stronger. He's found the habit of kicking my ribs regularly now. I'm scared to what that's going to feel like in the next couple of weeks. eek. It's OK it helps me know that he's just living it up in there. The pain I feel is comfort to me. That's the way I see it =)

According to

Your baby is continuing to grow each week that you remain pregnant. Your baby's crown-to-rump length is nearly 11.2 inches and total length is approximately 18 inches. Your baby weighs approximately 3.5 pounds at this point. Your uterus is about 4.4 inches above your bellybutton and continues to get larger. An average weight gain at this point is between 21 and 27 pounds. The weight that you gain is made up of your baby, placenta, blood supply, uterus, breasts, fat, water storage and amniotic fluid. This week marks an incredible milestone in your baby's lung development. Before now, the air sacs and branches in your baby's lungs were present but not functional. The lungs were not able to inflate properly. However, now there is surfactant being produced in your baby's lungs. Surfactant prevents your baby's lungs from collapsing outside of the uterus and the baby is able to take in air and breathe properly. The fetal ear is almost completely developed both inside and out. Your baby can hear your voice and other familiar sounds that she will recognize after birth. Your baby is putting on white fat under the skin and the skin's color is pink instead of red at this point. Your baby's fingernails have grown to the end of her fingers and she may scratch herself while she is in the womb.

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